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 The Dragon Jade

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Ryomou Shimei


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PostSubject: The Dragon Jade   Sat Apr 24, 2010 4:00 pm

A gold oriental dragon coiling around a gold orb sealed in a glass orb.

Supposedly it has the ability to tame a dragon and thus change the destiny of any toushi, something otherwise impossible. For that reason all sides are actively pursuing it.

It is extremely mythical, and until Ryomou found it, everyone thought it didn't exist. In fact very few even knew about it in the first place. A mysterious monk (who is presumed to be the same one who was with Kaku earlier on) told Ryomou about who proceeded to find it. Ryomou, however, was ambushed and badly injured by Teni then finally defeated by Shiryu, who stole it and brought it to Kanu.

According to the monk, it will only activate when all three dragons are roused and brought together, but Ryomou is seen holding it and activating it creating a blue aura, making her left eye glow blue then summoning a black dragon.

At the Battle of Chi'bi, with all three dragons present... the Dragon Jade activated and changed the fate of Hakufu, Ryuubi and Sousou. Kan'u and Chou'un were also affected, taking on the Dragons of Red and Yellow from Sousou and Ryuubi respectively. Whether the Dragon Jade was infact changing the Dragons' fates or just setting them right is still a complete mystery.

The Dragon Jade is currently under the protection of Ryuubi.
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The Dragon Jade
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