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 In Character Rules

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PostSubject: In Character Rules   Sat Apr 24, 2010 2:39 pm

This is when a player describes the outcome of their actions without giving the other player/s a chance to react to it.

An example:
Ryomou kicked Hakufu in the chest, breaking three ribs in the process.

In the above example, Ryomou is forcing the outcome upon Hakufu. Ryomou is perfectly allowed to describe her own action, but not to give the outcome until Hakufu has had a chance to reply to it. If the move connects, it is up to Hakufu to decide if her bones break or not. Ryomou can only intend to damage, Hakufu is the one who posts the outcome; they are, after all, in the roleplay together.

*It's like real life. If you kicked someone, you wouldn't know what damage you'd cause for sure*

A better scenario would be something like this:
Ryomou swung her left leg at Hakufu's chest, aiming for the ribcage.

Hakufu can then decide whether or not she takes the hit and what damage she receives.

A possible response from Hakafu could be something like this:
Hakufu felt Ryomou's foot connect with her ribcage, a sharp crack sending waves of pain through her side.

Now this is fine because Ryomou has posted the action to kick her. Hakufu would just be responding to the action Ryomou played out.

Another less common style of Godmodding is when someone who is not part of the actual battle and is just watching starts to decide the actions.

An Example.
Ryomou kicked Hakufu in the chest, breaking three ribs in the process.
Kan'u stood motionless as Ryomou's kick connected and heard the snapping of ribs even from where she stood.

If you're watching and reacting, you cannot decide outcomes. You can of course react to outcomes posted by the fighters and such.

Godmoding and Powerplaying
*Godmoding it not to be confused with Godmodding.*
Both of these terms describe pretty much what they mean; playing as if you're a God or are invincible. Nothing is more tiresome for players to see someone going around who laughs at everything inflicted to them, who states to get a kick out of torture and more importantly; also doesn't have any other vulnerabilities which do hurt their character.

There is of course not that much wrong with playing a character who gets off on pain, but if it's obvious that other players are trying to inflict hurt upon you, then you should let out what the way to do that is then. Sure, you can say "It's up to them to find my weak spot", but that's like having people guess a number that you have in your mind and every time someone guesses it, saying "No!" and changing it.

It's irritating and bothersome.

Any roleplayer worth their salt knows how to roleplay a defeat; for defeat is a major part of roleplay. If you believe that roleplay consists only for winning.... then you need to reflect on whether this is for you; for you will quickly meet people who will be annoyed by this "It's all about winning" attitude and who will ignore you. So, be a good sport. Roleplay is like a big game.

The above mentioned style of powerplaying is IC (In character). However, there may be players who will often take things OOC (out of character) to powerplay and goad others. This is seen most commonly when a defeated player starts to make all sorts of comments out of character. These can be anything from "Hahaha, you really needed to go all out to defeat me, huh?" to suggestive comments such as "Where did you carry that on you?"
Even if they themselves didn't go all out in the battle, or only used what was attached to them, others cannot be expected to play in exactly the same way. Roleplay is about versatility. Above all, they shouldn't start to attempt disrupting a roleplay when they've had to take a defeat.

If this is a concern for you, bring it up in a mature manner when the thread is conclude and see what you can work out. Or contact a member or staff if you think there is a rule violation mid thread. Don't try to drag the RP off topic with OOC comments.

Other ways to powerplay are also forbidden by the rules; such as going non-combative in the middle of a fight (players usually do this when they're losing and don't want to take the loss like any good roleplayer) or fading from a scene for no reason given. (Again, usually done when a player doesn't want to take defeat.)
Both of these are cheap ways to evade defeat and will make you seem like a coward.

More powerplaying
Powerplaying also occurs when you use your powers to influence the roleplay of others. For instance, when you are the leader of a powerful faction, you can intentionally spread lies that a small, new faction, has declared war on you and is planning to do so on others. By doing so, you will force roleplay (and combat) on them which they might not like to do. Sure, your character might like to intentionally spread lies, but when it affects others, make sure they are okay with that.

You cannot force others into a scenario they are uncomfortable with and cannot evade somehow. They ALWAYS have to have some escape route, even if it means they need to think outside the box a little.

And finally, there is powerplaying by telling others how to RP their characters or their scenarios; telling them what is right and what is not. While your RP might be of another level of other players, that does not mean it's necessarily better. And even if so, that doesn't give you the right to tell others how to play their roleplay. Helping others is always appreciated, dictating them what to do is not.

You might know everything there is to know about certain characters (after all, you can just read their bio) but that doesn't mean your character does.
Your character only knows what they were around to know. If your character is around in a thread, then it's fine for them to know exactly what happened, but if they were not... well they wouldn't.

Characters do not have automatic knowledge unless there is a very good reason to. Some canon characters might know details of others due to their past. If you know something about someone, it has to be agreed between the two of you and a staff member must be made aware of it.

You cannot just automatically assume your character has YOUR knowledge on characters.

OOC (Out of Character)
If you dislike a player... keep it out of character. Unless your character has a justified reason for disliking another, there is no reason for them to just hate another character just because you don't like the player. Same goes for liking a player. If you're best friends with a player, doesn't automatically mean your character will be best friends with theirs.
Keep this in mind.

Post Length
In character posts must be at least four or five lines long. Anything less than this gives those you are writing with next to nothing to respond to generally. Bear in mind, also, that any post deemed far too short for an RP post will result in the player receiving a PM from a staff member asking them to lengthen it.

Basic In Character Posting Etiquette
Posts should be kept to third person. Every writer understands what this means (nearly every book is written in third person, an example? Look at Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings). If everyone is posting in Third person, it makes reading much easier than switching between third and first person posts.

Do not place actions inside asterisks. These * are asterisks. Actions are just written normally.

Please place speech in quotation marks. "
This is so we can tell what your character is saying.

If your character has a thought... please.. PLEASE make it clear they are THINKING it. Some players italicize their thoughts to make it easier and to set it apart from actions.

A tagged thread is one that has another character/s name in its title
A tagged thread is exclusive to those named
You can tag as many threads as you wish
Please try to keep some threads you start open to all
If you want to join a thread that is tagged, pm the member who started it and ask. If they say no, accept this
Do not join a thread unless you have been tagged in
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In Character Rules
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